Hello! We are Tom and Ashley Olsen. We were married in August of 2009 and have spent our years together renovating our first home, doing countless projects together and most importantly enjoying life. People often mistake us as newlyweds because we truly love being with each other. We have learned that no matter what we are doing or pursuing we do it better together, and can accomplish anything if we do it side by side.

We recently adopted our first baby. His name is Silas, and we are smitten by him. It has been an incredible experience and he has taught us about a love we didn’t know existed. We share our love of adoption and talk of joy he has brought to our family here on the blog.

Aside from renovations and decorating, we enjoy being outdoors, fishing, gardening, working in the yard, and taking care of our animals. We dream of having land and a farm one day, but until then we have tried to create our own American Dream with our little urban farm right in Rose Park, including chickens, two red labs and, of course, wildflowers.

Tom and I consider ourselves dreamers and will do whatever it takes to make those dreams come to life. Over the course of our relationship, we have grown in unimaginable ways, facing unexpected obstacles that have made each of us stronger and more creative in our work and play as we journey through this life together.

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