As the creator and designer of Iron Wildflower, my hope is that this blog will be not only be my creative outlet but will also help connect my readers to their creative sides. The stories and events shared here are intended to give you a glimpse into both our lives. We are real and want this space to be real. We laugh, argue, learn, tease, and love. We recognize that ups and downs occur throughout all of our lives. This will be a place to look back at those times and smile at the days gone by.

When not busy indulging in my creative side, I love to spend time with family and go outside to connect with nature. I love simplicity, I dream about the old ways of living, the simpler times; getting my hands dirty and feeling privileged to put on an apron. I also have a strong belief in hard work. I truly believe that nothing is handed to you and that the greatest things often come by taking the hardest roads and in the process learning to recognize God’s hand in everything.

I was born and raised in Utah, in the quaint neighborhood of Rose Park. My love for decorating started as a little girl. I would spend hours rearranging furniture and would join my grandma on trips to consignment stores any chance I got. I see potential in everything, especially the things people overlook or deem hopeless. Both my husband and I enjoy preserving rare objects and giving them new life. During the past several years of renovations, I have realized that I have a natural eye for design. After marrying Tom, I began to realize that my growing passion complemented his talents in construction and building handmade projects.

Part of my eventual goal will be to help others create spaces of their own and homes that tell their stories. I would describe my design style as simple, timeless, and cozy. I enjoy imagining how life used to be in simpler times with days that encompassed the farm, hard work, and bringing it all back to family. I am a go-getter but at my core I am a homebody who loves baking, gardening, and spending time with my family.


Always up for a challenge, Tom was the driver behind my inspiration to start Iron Wildflower. He was born in Maryland, lived in Denver and grew up in Utah since the age of eight. Shortly after we fell in love, he fell in love with my childhood neighborhood of Rose Park and knew that’s where we belonged. He felt that as part of the community, we could help bring life back to a neighborhood that had a rough reputation. He shares my love of simplicity, hard work, family and community.

As a young boy, Tom learned that he loved working with his hands. His family remembers his tendency to take things apart, learn how they work, and put them back together, often in a totally different way. Today, one of his preferred hobbies is working with me on my design ideas and assisting me in making them a reality. He enjoys using the creative side of his brain to problem solve, a trait he applies with equal measure to a plumbing problem as well as an issue within his neighborhood.

Tom enjoys keeping friends and family on their toes with his sense of humor and extends his love to include all creatures, including the animals in his backyard farm. His sense of humor and love of animals are two of the many reasons I fell head over heels for him. He keeps me laughing, even on the hardest days. Tom also enjoys making people smile with his impressive meat smoking skills. Anyone on the block is welcome to stop by for a taste! Tom is an old-fashioned soul that loves the simple ways of life, God, and his family.

Thank you for visiting Iron Wildflower. We hope you enjoy what we offer here and that you feel encouraged to connect, both with us, and with a community of like-minded creators.

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