Almost there!

We are one step closer to finding baby Olsen! We are thrilled to report that our home study is over with and we are almost there. Our social worker was incredible and made the process so much easier than we had anticipated. She spent four hours with us at our home on Saturday. Tom and I had been stressed for several days. We had been rushing to prepare and wanted everything to be perfect. I think it turned out as good as we could have hoped for. We actually laughed a little after she left, and thought, that was it? It’s funny how easy it is to over analyze and over think everything. I am really good at doing that!

The first two hours of the home study she spent taking the time to get to know us together. She asked us about our families, our childhood, how we plan on raising a baby and more specifically a baby of a different race. She focused a lot on our relationship, our strengths as well as our weaknesses as a couple. The conversation was great, and I hope she left feeling like she knew us both on a more personal level. She went through the entire adoption process and how things will go from here. To be honest, it has gotten us both really excited.  For the last couple of months this has seemed very surreal, and after meeting with her, it made us realize, this is really happening, and we are so thrilled!

She meets with us individually at this point in the home study.  She asked me lots of questions about our relationship, what I see as our strengths, things we have struggled with and how we have overcome those struggles. It was at this point in my interview that I had the privilege to share all the things I admire and love about Tom. She also asked about our faith and the different church callings we have held. I was nervous for the individual interview but it wasn’t scary at all. Seriously, so easy!

Following the individual interviews, she brought us back together and answered any and all the questions that we still had. She herself has adopted a baby and is now a social worker for adoptions, so she had a lot of great knowledge and wisdom she could share with us. She was so helpful and put our hearts and mind at ease.

The last thing she did was walk through our home doing a basic home inspection, checking for safety hazards and making sure we fix anything that needs to be fixed. She met our dogs, and although they are usually hyper they couldn’t have been more perfect, they were so sweet and just laid on their backs wanting their tummy’s rubbed. They made me so happy. After the walk through, she informed us that she felt our house was perfect for a baby and the only thing we needed to get was a couple of window well covers for our new basement windows. We were very happy to hear that was the only thing we needed to do for the home to be ready. We have worked hard to get it as perfect as we could for this.

She will now write up a report about her visit and submit it to the agency for final review and approval. As invasive and nerve wracking as this was, I am so happy they take the time to do this. It brings me peace knowing they want these children to go to good, safe homes. The only thing we are waiting on is our background checks to be completed. Once those are in she can submit her report and it will be another 7-10 days after that before we are fully approved and we can start our search for our baby!! The home study was a HUGE step and we are thrilled to be one step closer to finding baby Olsen. We are giddy thinking about it. We will keep you posted when we hear how it went, but for now, we will be working to finish up our adoption training and learning to be patient through the waiting game.  As she was leaving she expressed how great of parents she thought we would be and that the next time she visits we will have a baby. I am hoping that means she liked us…?

Thank you for the happy thoughts and prayers on our behalf. We are so relieved it’s over and crossing our fingers we passed!


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