You are Fatherhood

In celebrating Mother’s Day last month, I was able to read several blog posts and stories explaining Motherhood which brought a lot of peace and understanding that Motherhood is different for everyone. There is no cookie cutter to what a mother or father is. As Father’s Day was this past Sunday, I have been reflecting on fatherhood and what it means to me. Like Motherhood, Fatherhood comes in all different colors, forms, and sizes. It is these differences that make fatherhood so unique and wonderful.


is the excitement and happiness you feel with your wife when you finally get that positive pregnancy test. It’s going to the first ultrasound and hearing your baby’s heartbeat for the first time. It’s the tears of joy you feel.

is holding your wife through the tears when you have your first miscarriage, your second, third….. it’s being there and holding her hand. Being her rock, when your heart is breaking too.

is being strong for others and being the shoulder to lean on.

is staying up late with a huge stack of paperwork, signing endless documents, having fingerprints and background checks done. It’s having to share personal information with a social worker. It’s brainstorming fundraising ideas.

is the priesthood blessings you give, the meaningful prayers on our behalf, the quiet hope you bring.

is waking up and going to work, working hard, and doing everything in your power to provide for your family.

is pushing your wife and children to follow their dreams.

is the twinkle in your eye when your wife is happy. Your greatest success is her happiness.

is putting your wife and children’s needs before your own.

is being the best uncle. Loving your nieces and nephews as your own. 

is being a best friend and making everyone feel like you are their favorite.

is anxiously waiting for the phone call that you and your wife have been matched with a baby.

is the camping trips, the BBQ dinners, the laughs and the fun times.

is the love you have for your animals and always making sure they are taken care of.

is helping the youth around you to become better and helping them to be their best.

is teaching the boys around you how to be a gentleman.

is service. Selflessly giving your time and talents to help someone else.

is a Christlike example of kindness, honesty, and love.

To some, Tom might not look like your traditional father. Outwardly, his fatherhood looks different. Not many people know he has angel babies on the other side and that he has dealt with tremendous loss. But, fatherhood is not only having a lot of little ones to call you dad.  Although that is a part of the title, it is so much more than that. Happy Father’s Day to those that long for the title of “dad”, who are waiting for their little ones to come, to the ones who have been the strength their wife needed through the losses, infertility, the questioning. Let us be mindful of these men in our lives, the men that look different than your “traditional” dads. Happy Father’s Day to you Tom, you have been my rock through our trials, my light through the darkness, my wingman, and my strength. You, my dear, are the perfect definition of a wonderful father, you are my perfect. I love you big guy. You are fatherhood.

“A Good Father is one of the most unsung, unpraised, unnoticed, and yet one of the most valuable assets to our society.” -Billy Graham

Thank you to all the wonderful Fathers out there. We couldn’t do it without you!





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